It's Pandamic!

While the dreaded Swine Flu has been deemed pandemic, you'd swear that the Ailuropoda melanoleuca contagion has infected Japan. Following are several more examples:

Suntory's Oolong Tea has begat the dreaded Pandao!

Though harmless in appearance, some of these strains such as this chrystalline クリスタル風マグネット attach to your fridge with alarming ease.

Another example is this はさむマグネット which appears to be an ordinary magnetic money clip but who knows what insidious uses it may have?

This ペッパーケース is normally used for pepper but I'm sure some contain dangerous spores!

This appears to be naught but a
シリコンおかずカップ or silicon cup used for side dishes, but we all know what silicon ensues, don't we? Yes, Horta!

Rather than let your snacks go stale, one can use this clip to seal the bag. Handily, there is a monthly counter attached to the
スナッククリップ to see when it expires.

Don't be fooled by these yummy-looking items, for they are inedible マグネットクリップ and are advisably used as fridge magnets not for sating your sweet tooth.

Kirin Green Tea has come up with these にぎにぎ生茶パンダ先生, spongy little creatures gnawing on tea leaves! I only see five! That means one has escaped!

My apartment has been infested with smaller versions of the insidious critters. So far I've only captured 4 of them but I hear that there's a dozen of them!

I recommend you acquire one of these 生茶パンダ・メタルアクセサリー to use as a charm to ward off the above! I only have the one, but it's worked so far.

If you search the tube (YouTube that is), there are some documentaries on this disease.

Here we have Ghibli's パンダコパンダ
The Adventures of Panda and Friends, the opening theme with English subtitles:

And an episode:

The above has been a public service announcement hoping to keep the infestation at bay. I hope I've been successful...


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