Welcome To Baradise!

Nope, we're not talking about Green Day, rather the latest promo from MacDonald's. Apparently referring to one's Big Mouth is a compliment over here wrt. Quarter Pounders. If you buy a QP set, you get a free button and an opportunity to scratch for a T-shirt. (Incidently, バラ (bara) means Rose so that may be a hint as to the shape of things to come...)

Since the latest Happi Setto is another Pikachu prize, I decided to try my luck. Wouldntcha know it, I scratched one on my first try!

Let's crack this bag open and see what I won!
Well, what d'ya know! It's a shocking pink "Beef is Beautiful" T!!

I will proudly wear this at my next Vegans vs Veterans Vendetta Venue!

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