The Aftermath!

(Warning: I am about to start whining...Scroll past it all to a CONTEST if you wish!)

By reading the last post, one might think that the event was rocking with nary a wrench in the woodwork! That isn't entirely true for a few of the bolts came loose. A long time ago in a Galaxy far far away, (late last summer) another DJ had agreed to do our event but we hadn't heard from him in ages and I finally got a hold of him whereupon he told me that he couldn't spin at our gig for he had a dying mother-in-law that was taking up all his spare time and he didn't want to commit to something long term. I gave him my appreciation for giving us plenty of notice to find another DJ (who it turns out is much better than he anyway). Then a few days later I discovered that he pulled out because he is hosting his own DJ event (with his band playing live) at a rival club on the same night. What a Hollow-Weenie! Halloween is a sacred time when everyone should be working together...save the backstabbing for Chrismastime!!!

Of course the other DJs playing at his event were all ex-Echo guys who got their start under the tutelage of DJ Mokugohan but we didn't want them at our event anyway, we just wanted them as patrons. So the 56 or so people who attended his gig (scamming guests from ours) had a good time anyway so that's the important thing isn't it? Unfortunately, we could have used those guests at Droom cuz our total was 20, thus we suffered a financial loss.

On the other hand, if it weren't for BarIsn'tIt offering up 500¥ entry and a 400$ cash prize for best Costume thus enticing all the punters who wouldn't know good music if they tripped over it. Shaft's HipHop gig had 200, Yankee Court-150 and heaven knows how many turned up at ENN, ADD, Birdland, Ernies or the other dozen clubs in the city! Perhaps if Halloween didn't fall on a Saturday with a Full Moon and nice weather, we all could have had a good turnout!

The GREAT news is that we now have an excellent working relationship with the staff at DROOM (which can't be said for the other guys at Ghetto what with the hidden costs and mystery fees tagged on afterwards) and Mokugohan already has an event lined up on November 24th called "Breath of Chain" featuring such an eclectic mix of genres as Dub, Jazz, Techno, Hip Hop & World Music!

For those movie buffs amongst you, I took some crappy photos of some B&W movies that we projected onto the wall during our event. Unfortunately, I didn't think of it until after Chaney's Hunchback of NotreDame so it's not included and I only have one shot of this movie...tell me what it is and identify some of the picks from the other two and I will send you some leftover prizes from our event! I'll send them internationally so anyone can enter... Good luck!
Here are shots from the other two movies (Hint-the last two blurry pics are from a famous director's debut feature):

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