The Echophonyk party was a blast but there was something missing. First up, none of my lady friends (eg. Michiko) were in attendance so I was forced to take pictures of strangers & acquaintances. Secondly, there was no DJ Mokugohan and thus no really great Halloween-DJ, just a lot of really good DJs. But mainly, for the first time in 9 years, I was not involved in it except in the capacity as my alter ego, Peter Parker...staff photographer for the 毎日らっぱ (Daily Bugle). I would have made different choices for best costumes and I would have given out a helluvalotta more candies but otherwise I wouldn't have changed much. (Of which if you're too lazy to scroll down and click the Flickr link, here's another chance.)

Now to the main reason I kept my involvement to a minimum...Saturday's Arkane Radar Halloween Party at ClubDroom! The organizers started decorating at 6:30 and were finished shortly before the doors opened at 9:00. Here are some highlights:

The DJs were great. We'd never worked with the Japanese guys before, one was completely unknown to us and we were uncertain that the other's style would fit in to a Halloween celebration. Our worries were for naught for the new guy (name TBA later) was excellent and Geepang did a great job as well. DJ Jokergohan (Joker + Mokugohan) played one of his spookiest sets yet!

The guests had a great time! Now I must admit that their taste in costumes were rather bland but at one point we had 13 female attendees and no males apart from the DJs & staff thus providing for a perfect Witch's coven! Admittedly, their costumes were not very creative, but they're beginners at this CosPlay thing.

Speaking of costumes, Geepang went feline, JokerGohan made a return engagement, as did Jasmine & myself as the not-so-slender-Spidey.

The winner of best costume was the only other person who wore anything resembling a costume...the Butterfly!

My old Soma pal, Chie attended with her incredibly drunk boyfriend & another pal. Since they had to wait another 3 hours for a train, I took them to Liga for some Karaoke while inebriated-Adam slept it off. I sang a spooky set including Mac the Knife, GeGeGe's theme and Blue Moon. It's hard to warble spooky without going Heavy Metal, something my voice just wasn't made for. I gave the gals a couple more prizes, mainly cuz there was no one else to give them to but also cuz it was Chie's birthday yesterday.

RIP Arkane Radar Halloween...until resurrected next year, that is!


Anonymous said...

Did U like my mixed Disc? I've got about 20 leftover so I'll donate some to your readers for the next contest. Good shot of me and my ghoulfriend

Michael Jones said...

To be honest, I was planning to listen to it tonight! I would definitely love to use them as presents. They're cheaper to mail than UFO catch-crap.

tdsgk said...

Hello! I am the "TBA" guy who played at your event on last Saturday. My name is Shigeaki, but please call me "tdsgk." I had a very good time playing DJ at your event for two hours ( The longest DJ set I had ever done! ). I am very glad you liked it, and very sorry for having retreated from that party so soon... Anyway, thank you, and if you should have any occasion to need some kind of DJ, please don't hesitate to call me, if you like.

Michael Jones said...

Welcome to the fold, tdgsk. We will definitely work together again!


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