Happy Pocky Day!

I had lots to say on Remembrance Day but lots of other folks said it better than I could, so I said nuthin! Therefore allow me to offer up a belated Happy Poppy Day! I taught several of my students the Flanders poem and inquired whether Japan had a similar Holiday to honour their war dead. Apparently, they don't.

But today I discovered that 11月11日 is honoured for something altogether different over here. Because Pocky are similar to the #1, it's Pocky Day in Japan!

Yesterday was the 20th Anniversary of Akihito's Reign as Emperor. To celebrate Japan's Royalty, here is a Royal Tea KitKat. It tastes exactly like the Royal Milk Tea that I often consume! Bonzai!

In order to keep the paraskevidekatriaphobes at bay, I taught my students today all about Friday the 13th & Superstitions and got a few choice Japanese ones. I already knew this one: If you whistle or play a flute at night, snakes will come to you. I have to worry about this one, If you rest just after eating, you will become a cow! A cold mid-section will cause diarrhea. (So that's why it's been a problem!) There's lots of bad hoodoo about the #s 4 & 9 (homonyms for death & suffering) and the # of strokes in the kanji of your name can be auspicious. One shouldn't sleep with their head to the North because that's the position that a corpse is set out in a funeral. You should never write a person's name in red ink! (Or in a Death Note for that matter!) My favourite: If you catch a crow's eyes, something bad will happen! I'll keep that in mind next time I go crow-eye-hunting. To keep up my Holiday-snack theme, here are some Moomin Cookies I picked up yesterday! Yummy! The Bridge club should enjoy these tomorrow!

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stella said...

whaaaaaaaaat, there's a pocky day!?!? Why aren't i living in Japan??


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