Santa Claus Has Been Kidnapped!

Christmas is coming, so it's time to worry about the arrival of Kris Kringle, but much to our dismay, he's been kidnapped! I wish I could find a manga edition of this story, but in the interim, here's a copy of the story in Japanese and in English! Enjoy!

Though I've been unable to find an affordable copy of this anime, if you'd like to check out Santa's Adventures as a Boy, here's an AKSC episode guide, the lyrics to the song, and you should check out this:

opening: いつも心に太陽を

closing: 愛という名の翼

Thanks to always wonderful Blog of Oz for reminding me about this story. I'd actually written this post in July and forgot to publish it!

Just in case you'd thought I'd forgotten, here is today's KitKat Kontribution. It's 紅いも、沖縄・九州から which translates to Purple Sweet Potato from the Okinawa & Kyushu regions. It looks delish, though I'm not a fan of sugary tubers. I'm sure Baum would certainly approve though.

ps. For those of you who are sick of Santa already and want some Oz with your Baum, here's a link to a 1910 version of TWWoO with Japanese Subtitles!


Eric said...

Oh, yeah, nice Ozzy/Santa Clausy goodness there. I'd just like to point out, however, that the anime series is based on Baum's book, The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus. "A Kidnapped Santa Claus" was a short story sequel. They are two different stories, but there are several editions these days that package them all together.

Michael Jones said...

I realized my error about an hour after having written the post and corrected it forthwith. You must have read the unedited version. Thanks for the input.
I only wish I could find a copy of it over here...the search continues.


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