Does this guy look familiar? I'd like to think that Boris Karloff would appreciate having his most famous character portrayed constantly holding a flower. フランケン (Franken) is a companion of 代物くん (Kaibutsu-Kun = Little Monster) who along with ドラキュラ (Dorakyura/Dracula) and オオカミ男 (Ookami-Otoko/Wolfman) fight against the forces of evil such as ミイラ男 (Miira-Otoko/mummy), キングコング (King Kong) or ガブロ (Gaburo)! (Click that link for a couple of YouTubes I'd posted earlier, or click Kaibutsu-Kun for an unembeddable view.)

Kaibutsu-kun was the creation of 藤子不二雄 (Fujiko Fujio), the penname of a manga writing duo formed by two Japanese manga artists. Their real names are 藤本 弘, Fujimoto Hiroshi, 1933-1996) and 安孫子 素雄, Abiko Motō, 1934- more famously known as the creators of Doraemon.

Fellow monster aficionado, DJ Mokugohan leant me this 45 from his collection so I could scan it for one and all. Very very cool stuff indeed!

For our Italian viewers...


Karswell said...

I love the Kaibutsu-Kun character, but being in America typically I don't know much about him, but! I was living in Hawaii in 2003 and found an old vinyl figure of him at a flea market for $1 and bought it... it's one of my favorite things in my Japanese toy collection.

Thanks for posting the trailer, (I found you on the Frankensteinia blog), I'd sure love to see some full length episodes sometime.

Michael Jones said...

I'd won the two stuffed characters of Franken & Dracula a couple of years ago at UFO catcher. It wasn't until I started asking around that I discovered the manga/anime. I'm looking forward to tracking down more of these goodies!


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