Gumdam, Daggumit!

Did you know that our favourite Arthurian Robotic Knights are celebrating their 30th Anniversary? It's difficult to walk into a 7-11 without being reminded of Gundam these days. There are several different goodies you can purchase such as some GreenGum from Lotte. Following are several of the cheaper items you can get as well.

Two different types of snacks include Frito-lay Chitos & my personally favourite brand of popcorn, MIKE.

They each come with one of 20 different cards and the lower one of these showcase my first double so you can see the obverse & reverse (front & back.)

There is also a wafer cookie complete with different series of cards wrapped in plastic for protection. I've also shown a mini-choco square but you don't get anything with that but the choco.

If you spend 700¥ on this loot, you also get an opportunity to draw for one of 7000 different goods including a Gundam head projector. I got an energy drink that is purportedly good for a 二日酔い (hangover!)

So far, I have 7/10 mini-mascots that come with various drinks. I'll grab the other 3 tomorrow and show you then.

If you have a spare 500 coin, you can also try one of those try-and-get-a-cool-prize-but-end-up-with-something-lame draws. I got a Gundam-weapon ball point pen!

The most useful item I picked up though today is one that I've almost finished using, a box of tissues! Gun-damn runny nose!

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