Tuna Hickey!

No, I am not kissing a cod, rather the gang from work participated in a 綱引き (tsunahi ki or Tug of War) tournament on November 3rd as part of 文化の日 (Bunka no Hi) or Culture Day's ceremonies. 24 teams participated in a massive Tug o' War and our first opponent happened to be the All-Japan Champions! Needless to say, we lost. We won our next two battles but lost the fourth due to a bad case of cockiness. I wimped out from the tugging due to my wonky wrist and was relegated to cheerleader. All in all, it was a lot of fun and all my co-workers are all moaning in pain while all I have to show for it is a hoarse throat and bottle of deodorizer that we won as a booby prize!

Speaking of work-related events, I neglected to mention that Elvis played at Shaft to about a dozen people (including my breakdancing boss) on Sunday night. I guess too many were worn out be Halloween events to indulge, but those who did go enjoyed some Presley & later some Beatles (though I left before they showed up.) You may recall that I've sang with this Elvis band before and it was a nice little reunion!

Finally today, I was met with a treat or three with a few new KitKats. Up top are some 苺リトル (Strawberry Littles) - a rather tasty little coin-sized mouthful; in the middle is 抹茶きなこ, a combo of matcha & kinako which is the first time I've enjoyed the Green Tea flavour and finally tonight I came across くちどけカカオ which translates as "melt in your mouth, Cacao" which to me was the weakest of the three but did live up to its description.

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