Crazy Shrine Maidens!

For today's 3 hour break between lessons, I decided to go on a walkabout to see what was playing at the Cine-Forum or Cine-Lavita. Not a heck of a lot as it turns out.

So en route back and still with tons of time to spare, I wondered through the various UFO Catch spots. I went into a new place (new to me, that is) trying to find somewhere with a Pinball machine (gone the way of the Dodo, I fear) and I noticed a fairly easy to catch Anime-lighter. It was a tad tougher than it looked and cost me 300¥. No idea what character it is though. (I used to catch these lighters on a regular basis and give them away as Christmas presents in Canada. Now, they won't let me take more than one on the plane at a time...Damn Shoe-bomber!)

I thought this might contain a crappy little Hello Kitty figurine, on sale for a buck. Hmmph, it was only a dozen little packs of orange-flavoured gum-meh. Cute box though!

Continuing on, I came across this. Kinda cute, a little creepy, might make a good Christmas present...Crazy Shrine Maidens! Holy Crap, what a bizarre title, I must have it! The first one took me 3 tries and cost me 300¥, the second 200¥, and the third I got on the first try. Total 600¥! Woohoo, that's about the price of one or two figures, I figured. Wow, was I off-track! I didn't count on the otaku-factor! I popped into a toy shop and, Lo&Behold, one box is 1200¥ pretax, a set of 3 is 3718¥! Christmas came early this year! (As always, click on the pic to Otaku-size it!)

I was so content with my coup, that I decided to splurge on a Touma X Star Wars-capsule and I got one of the cooler pairs, no Luke & Leia for me!

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