Go, My Way!

Y'know how your evening starts one way and then goes off on a tangent? That's what happened to me last night. I joined my Liga-waitress friend, Mai, at a live J-Pop event at Macana. I wasn't expecting much and thus wasn't disappointed though 2500¥ was a bit steep. One of her friends, Naoko, was singing and I was impressed enough to buy a cheap cd. (Glad it was cheap, it's not very good.) But she does have a nice voice and a great range. Check out キリマルカラー for yourself.

The other groups included Monako 90000, a duet of keyboard & acoustic guitar and lovely harmony.

オランジタルト (Orange Taruto) was also surprisingly good.

As always, the headliner band, Jimbey was incredibly lame. Great musicians forced to work for a Boy-band boy who was completely talentless. Audience seemed to like them for some reason though. I highly recommend you avoid them!

I met a pair of German students, one of whom is leaving soon, and the other has been here a week. I gave them a tour of the different Sendai venues, hoping to drum up some more business for Tuesday at Droom where DJ Mokugohan will be spinning some techno-tunes. Alas, there is NO flyer for this, and the website offers surprisingly little info. Anywho, we ended up at Liga where they managed to sing (butcher) a few tunes and as always, I was unable to chat up my Mai, cuz she was too busy.

So I gave up and wondered over to Friends to chat with Akari. One of the regulars dumped this scruffy looking guy in the bar and then left and much to our amazement, he set up an easel, put on some funky tunes and in the course of 5 minutes painted a picture. Here are a few of the highlights of him in action plus the finished product. I asked him, "How much?" and he said it was "priceless"! He then gave it to Akari gratis.

He then painted one for me!!!

Today's KitKat is 焼きもろこし (yaki morokoshi or fried corn) from Hokkaido! Can't wait to try this one.

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