Visages Of Boris.

It's time for my third venture into all things Boris and this time I'll take his iconic look in Frankenstein (and a brief peek at the Mummy.)

Last Thanksgiving when I went home, I found hidden away in my secret laboratory a few model kits, another of which I shall present to you now. It's Bandai's version of フランケンシュタイン from 1979. (You can find Godzilla & Dracula here.)

Dig back into the recesses of my blog and you'll find several images of Frankenstein or the Mummy (such as Universal Kubricks.)

Other examples would be the Monster as a Groovy Ghoulie or when he & the Mummy met Pepsiman.

While shopping for Halloween candy for the kiddies (& co-workers), I came across a couple of Monsters stuffed with caramels or jellybeans. As everyone knows it was candy that Victor used in his reanimation formula, not electricity!

I have some more examples of the Modern Prometheus showing up in my collection but I have to save something for tomorrow...


wiec? said...

who's the Mummy about to body slame there? amazing!

Michael Jones said...

That's PepsiMan.


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