Fellow Philatelists Follow Fleur de Lys For Freedom!

Not just Fleur de Lys but also Nelvana, Johnny Canuck and Captain Canuck joined fellow Canadian, Superman (maybe you've heard of him) on a set of stamps back in October 1995. I was an amateur stamp collector back in my childhood (1000 Worldwide stamps for 99 cents!!) though I gave them up when I discovered Comics. But occasionally I get the urge to pick up a sheet of stamps and then forget all about them (like this sheet.)

This sheet of GeGeGe stamps has actually been used once or twice!

Other stamps that are available include Naruto & a cool dragon!

You hit the jackpot, Tiger! It's the Year of the Tiger next year and the annual postcards (年賀状 nengajo) that you can send to your nearest & dearest are now available everywhere. Here's a smattering of what you can get...

Finally, once I've sent out all my cards, I can add a Christmas seal for good measure! I picked these up from my clinic. Pretty sweet and they help fight TB!

Now if I could just get off my ass and send out some of those letters & packages that I've promised to people, I would be a happy man!

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