Little Big Heads!

Of all those actors who portrayed the various Universal Monsters, I'm certain that Boris Karloff had the littlest of the big heads. I could wax eloquently about the merits of BK in フランケンシュタイン/(Furankenshutain = Frankenstein) or フランケンシュタインの花嫁/(Furankenshutain no Hana Yomei = The Bride of Frankenstein) or ミイラ再生/(Miira Saisei = The Mummy), but that is best served by those better qualified in Day 5 of the Boris Blogathon.

I don't ever recall seeing this box set nor did I buy these guys individually but somehow they crept into my collection. I suspect I acquired them at a Flea Market in big bag o' monsters and some exorbitant price. But I'm glad I did!

Here is Boris as the Mummy:

starring in Frankenstein:

and with his lovely Bride:

I'm heading to an onsen to play in a Bridge tournament all weekend, so another Boris post will follow shortly. See ya all Sunday night, wish me luck!

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