Cast A Spell!

I just caught a flick before it disappears from these hallowed shores and is Dragged Down to Hell along with all of Raimi's other movies. Over here the movie is called, "スペル = Spell", though I suspect that if they wanted a one-word title, "" would be more effective. A few jolts, a whole lot of giggles and overall a very enjoyable way to spend my 勤労感謝の日 (Labour-Thanksgiving) evening.

I also picked up several more movie programs (at half price) so I'll have blogger-fodder for the cold winter months. Add to this, a new KitKat flavour (limited edition バナナ (banana))over and above the mail-box versions and today was pretty good.

Today's postable KitKat is 柚子こしょう,九州から (Yuzu & koshou, a citrus fruit from Kyushu Region and a spicy-hot togaroshi pepper). I suspect I shall really enjoy this one for myself!

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