Meatball Commander!

I managed to find The Lost Patrol! It's been a full week now of the Boris Blogathon, Day 7 and there are some great links in there for Karloff Kompletists. My Japanese Karloff Kollection has pretty much been exhausted so when I finished my Bridge Tournament (I won a 10$ Book certificate!), I went to a used DVD/Book shop to see what ammo I could muster.

The Lost Patrol for only 2 and a half bucks. I've never seen it and since I'm pretty tired, I'll have to finish it tomorrow but from what I've seen, Boris is a pretty wacky Preacher!

肉弾鬼中隊 is pronounced Niku Tama Oni Chuutai and my friend ran it through her translator and came up with Meatball Devil Company Commander! I suspect that something has gone awry! Check it out though, it's a good way to kill an hour!

I also found a little encyclopedia of Big Bizarre Facts that in it's section on Monsters has our friendly neighbourhood Frankenstein and Bride! (I'll have to scan some other pages of this book, it's quite the odd collection from lions to Jaws to the Elephant man to Poltergeist to Miira/Mummy to...)

It basically translates as: Frankenstein, a 1931 movie is the story of a Doctor who makes a monster. The actor portraying it is Boris Karloff and the monster had an inferior brain acquired from a human body placed in its head. Later a sequel was written starring Elsa Lancaster as his Bride. I can't properly translate it for either He or She is considered a Superhero!

Thanks to all the gang at the Boris Week, it has been a blast. But I'll be glad to get back to my ordinary inanity starting tomorrow! Be sure to check out Frankensteinia and its sister Blog, Monster Crazy!

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