Have Gundam Will Travel.

Those of you who can count may notice that there are only 9 mascot-straps here. I goofed and bought #8 twice and not #4. I'll remedy that tomorrow.

BTW, Whatever happened to all my loyal readers such that none of them have made any guesses on my contest? Is it too difficult? I'm going to reprint the contest here now, so give it a whirl! In addition to the promised Halloween Prizes I'd offered up before, DJ Mokugohan has thrown in a copy of his special Halloween Mix CD...Best of Luck to one and all!

For those movie buffs amongst you, I took some crappy photos of some B&W movies that we projected onto the wall during our event. Unfortunately, I didn't think of it until after Chaney's Hunchback of NotreDame so it's not included and I only have one shot of this movie...tell me what it is and identify some of the picks from the other two and I will send you some leftover prizes from our event! I'll send them internationally so anyone can enter... Good luck!
Here are shots from the other two movies (Hint-the last two blurry pics are from a famous director's debut feature):

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