Beck & Call.

I was introduced to Beck several years ago by dj Mokugohan and it was the first concert I saw in Japan. Pretty good stuff and I even bought one of his cds (doesn't seem like a big deal, but apart from Puffy or Bird, I haven't bought any new cds this millenium.)

Have any of you out there ever read the manga, Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad which tells the story of a group of Japanese teenagers who form a rock band?
Or have you ever seen the anime?

Well, there is now a live version of the above premiering in September and for the last 3 months, I've been forced to watch a preview for it whenever I see a movie. Although the anime has some appeal, this live version does nothing for me. Click there and you can go to the site.

They are giving out free samples of the manga at the cinema and since it was free, I'll present it for you now:

There is also available a little photo description of the cast and a few scenes. Since I doubt any of you plan to see the movie, here ya go...

What I find surprising is that they have a "Sun 3 Summer Festa" in which if you watch this movie as well as きな子~見習い警察犬の物語~ (about the misadventures of a Police-dog named Kinako) & 昆虫物語みつばちハッチ ~勇気のメロディ~ (about a Honeybee named Hutch) you can win prizes. These two are very kid friendly and don't seem to attract the same audience as Beck. Go figure!

I don't think I'll run out to see any of the above, but I would like some of the goods!!

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