Swing Girls!

I first heard about the movie, スウィングガールズ (Suwingu Gāruzu) in '04 but back then I was living out in the sticks and didn't make it out to the city often enough to catch it in the cinema.

Today for my daily Facebook wtf video, I showed this:

I was so enthralled that I decided to watch the entire thing on YouTube. I was glad I did and you can too by starting here at #1 and following to #11. (Bonus: it has English Subtitles that are really well done except for the odd typo.)

I was disappointed that the Boar scene wasn't in this version, I suspect it was a Director's Cut or a Deleted Scene. After the success of the movie (#8 in Japan), the girls began touring the country.
For example,

I only wish DVDs weren't so expensive here or I'd pick up my own copy. Hopefully I can find it used somewhere someday.

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