Shadow Of A Trout.

I went fishing today with my co-worker again, and we had much better luck than last time.
I guess one of the reasons we were more successful is because it was a well stocked trout farm and our prey didn't have far to go. It's an All-You-Can-Catch in 2 hours for 2000¥(0224-84-4868) and we each caught four. I would have caught more but I spent much of my time trying to remove hooks from mouths (I'm not good at inflicting pain) and untangling knots. I occasionally required the services of a 14-year old hooker* to help me out. Here's a taste of our quarry and the ponds.

*The 14-year old hooker refers to the proprietor's daughter who would change the hooks on my pole.

One has the option of cooking the fishies you've caught then & there and chowing down. We each ate two and Jinnitsu took the other four home to his family.
There was also complimentary Daikon soup and there were a few shrimp on the barbie as well. (Thus giving me the opportunity for a bad pun: "Ebi-Smoker". Sorry, not worth explaining if you live outside of Japan.)

After lunch we went on a walkabout and what follows is some of the flora, the fauna & the funky.

I found a dinosaur footprint in the river bed. Can you see it?

How about now?

I have some other pics but it is taking me forever to upload them so I'll try and continue tomorrow.
In the meantime, this video represents fishies that we didn't see or slaughter.

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