His Way.

Back in 2005, George Lucas received an award from AFI acknowledging his work. Unless I'm mistaken, this means that he won't come up with more SW sequels/prequels/requels/postquels/whateverquels. (Though if he keeps the Clone Wars stuff coming, I won't mind. But I really miss Gendy's clones, they weren't quite as square-jawed.)

Apart from Mark Hamill's digs into the marketing end of things, his speech was pretty wussy. Carrie's is much better.

So, here is Carrie Fisher abusing him. She is much more abrasive and her comments on marketing are infinitely superior. Stick with it, her closing line is terrific:

Richard Dreyfuss talks about American Graffiti and I think it can summed up as "meh".

Robert Duvall is also mushy but ends it with a toast so everyone has a chance to drink, good on him.

With just cause, Steven Spielberg waxes eloquently about his best friend and then George makes his speech. This video is over 7 minutes long, so unless you like Star-watching, you can skip the applause from 1:07-2:38. Mr. Lucas has a point, he has only made 3 movies...yet they are pretty damn good ones!

My favourite speech of the night is not from the Lucas family but from another franchise that I happen to prefer. William Shatner takes the piss out of George utilising his beautiful singing voice!

For a more personalized My Way story, check out that there link. I think more fights have been wrought over Paul Anka's most famous tune than any other!

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