Getting The Strap!

Back when we were in Elementary School, corporal punishment was still allowed and when one did something really naughty, you'd have to see the VP, hold out your hand and receive a few whacks. Of course, my older brother never had to go. He was the brainy one who skipped a few grades and stayed out of trouble. My younger brother was less so and developed calluses for the amount of times he went.

Me, I kept relatively low key, but because I was the smallest and youngest in all my classes (a preemie & I started kindergarten when I was 4 1/2 due to a Christmas birth), I had to make up for it through sarcasm, nasty sense of humour and pulling outrageous stunts. I only got beat up once when I picked a fight with a former best friend. Who knew that fighting Captain Kirk style couldn't defend you against a clenched fist? Fortunately, I had also befriended the head of the Football team who came to my rescue. I recall him holding my opponent by the shirt and slamming him against a tree with each word, "Don't...ever...hit...my...little...buddy...again!" (Two years later, my protector stole my first ever girlfriend who dumped me when puberty hit. Ah well, what can ya do?) This took place after school & off school property, so nothing untoward happened to any participants.

...But...I think I went once for a snowball incident. We had an organized snowball fight out on the soccer field with two teams lined up and everything. Then, while the Shop Teacher was explaining the rules, I nailed him in the back of the head with a surprisingly accurate shot. I certainly impressed my peers, but he was less than amused and I gained a few welts on my palm for it.

If I may change the subject, here are a few Straps that you can get with a ValueMeal at マクドナルド (McDonalds) right now. Here, amongst others, is an extremely lame Commercial for them. The Happi Setto ad is also uber-lame, I don't think I'll be collecting those.

They look good enough to eat, don't they? Check out a couple of old commercials McDonalds aired a few years back:


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The Frog Queen said...

Okay, I do love the Japanese Ronald better than the American one!! Awesome! Thanks for making my Monday!



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