Kit Katigorical.

It's been rather slim pickings on the KitKat circuit of late, I haven't mentioned them since June
A while back, I picked up a bag of アオエヨーグルト (Aloe Yogurt) which coincidentally tastes exactly like Aloe-flavoured Yogurt, albeit somewhat sweeter than you'd expect. Highly recommended though but it only came in a bag of Littles found in the supermarket.

Another similar acquisition in Littles form from the supermarket has been a ブルーベリー (Blueberry) and it too lives up to its label. (Aside, when we were driving through Northern Ontario as kids, my dad could always espy wild blueberry patches from the road merely by the shape of the landscape. We'd pull over and pick away to our heart's content.)
The most recent find has been a single wafered bar called 塩 & キャラメル (Salt & Caramel) that once again satisfies your palate, if you're in the mood for salty caramel, that is.

That's it for KitKat lately. If you click that little label below, you can see several posts all related to KitKat or other snacks. I have 87 of them to date and have given thought to compiling them into one brand new blog.
What do you think??

I promise to bring you all the chocolaty wafery snacks I can find and occasionally I'll throw in a video such as the following:

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