Mark Of The Nyanpire!

Halloween is less than 3 months away so I've been saving some posts for the annual "Countdown to Halloween" celebration come this October. This can't wait though, it's just too darned cute! I hadn't really noticed this character before but it's been showing its fur in all the UFO Catcher bins of late and I am intrigued. I have been incredibly unlucky in winning of late, so I haven't tried my hand at capturing this Vampire Bat Cat. Unlike this guy...

A cat's meow in Japanese is   ニャーニャー(nyaa-nyaa)or  ニャンニャン(nyan-nyan) so a pun of にゃん+ぱいあ (NYAN+pire) is right up my alley.

Here is the origin story of our Feline-bloodsucker and a list of some of her Friends. The only グッズ (goods) I have acquired to date is a 下敷き (shita-jiki a plastic mat you put under a page to make writing easier) and I picked up a couple of Capsules. Alas, I didn't fare too well for I only got the lame
ニャテンシ (Nya-tenshi or Meow-Angel) which is an white Cherubic Kitten.

I also got a less lame but still not so cool Sleepy Nyanpire whose catchphrase is うるうるうる (u-ru-u-ru-u-ru which is an onomatopoeic zzz-snore).

The one I was hoping to snag was the Date Cat-e Masamune-esque,
伊達まさむにゃor Masamunya.


 Click around the Origin link up top to learn more about these suckers and to go further try some of these missing lynx links.


The Frog Queen said...

Okay, those really are the coolest things ever! Even with the pink.

Awesome. Thanks for sharing.


Michael Jones said...

The only pink is in the background, the rest is pure Goth!
btw, I knew you'd appreciate this post...


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