Lost Oz Storyboards!

Not many people realize that yesterday was the 71st anniversary of The Wizard of Oz. (Eric does and so do all of his Winkie friends, but not many other people realize it.) While wandering through the bookstores on my epic bicycle tour, I happened to come across the little-known Storyboards for TheWofO that starred Shirley Temple as Dorothy. This version of the movie follows the book more closely by using blue/silver slippers rather than ruby ones, the inclusion of a sequence the chimeric Tiger/Bear creature, the Kalidah and a Wolf attack to accompany the Flying Monkeys. The rest of the pictorial you should recognize from the movie, so grab your popcorn for We're Off To See The Wizard!

Here is one of the songs from this version:

Hey wasn't that cool? What's this, that's not in the movie and these aren't the storyboards but just another version of オズのまほうつかい. Nevermind. 

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