Worldwide KitKat.

There hasn't been anything new on the KitKat front lately, I guess Nestle is too busy destroying the Rainforest and the Orangutan's habitat to make any new flavours. This one is from a while back, yet I forgot to feature it. It's a mix of two flavours コラ味とレモンスカッシュ味 (Cola & Lemon Sukashu, sort of a 7-Up with a kick!) My colleagues upon tasting it both squealed, "懐かしい" (natsukashii or nostalgic!)

So let's travel around the world and check out what's happening in other countries, shall we? First up, we have three rather sexy ads and one wacky one from India:

From France, the longest commercial ever!

Have a HeartBreak, have a キットカット!

Finally from the UK, the Daleks take a break!

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