No More!

 My summer vacation ends as of today! I have a few lessons tomorrow, 3 days next week and then back to a full 5-day work week. This means that I'll be back to earning close to a full salary starting in September! WooHoo!

To celebrate, I popped over to the cinema for a look at ヒックとドラゴン (Hic to Dragon better known to North America as How to Train Your Dragon). I was a little reticent because it was ONLY in Japanese so I checked a synopsis on the ever-reliable Wiki in order to spoil the entire movie yet keep me up to speed while I was watching. Alex was right, the 3D effects were astounding and the problem here is that when your eyes mist up, it's difficult to dab them with a tissue with those tight-fitting glasses on!

This sheet of stickers came out several months ago and I nabbed a couple knowing that this movie would be several flavours of awesome.
This sheet of stickers was sitting on the counter, so I grabbed several sheets of it as well. I can't vouch for its awesomeness but it does look kind of cute. It's called 月泥棒 (Tsuki Dorobou) which loosely translates as "Day Thief". What on earth can that be about?
 Ohhh, it's Despicable Me! Did that suck? It takes so long for movies to be released over here, I can't remember if these movies were any good or not. Metacritic...here I come.

Still waiting to go see Toy Story 3 but now that I'm getting used to watching anime in Japanese, I suppose I can give it a shot. I'm pretty sure I won't have to bone up on my TS knowledge beforehand!

As for the title of today's post, when I plugged 泥棒, Dorobou/thief into my search engine, I hit the mother lode! At the beginning of every movie, there is a caveat about illegally copying movies and it has this mime with a Camera-head to a funky dance. Every time I see it, I think to myself, "I'd love to copy this!"

I found it!!

There is a new one out with an adorable girl who witnesses the crime and then tries to upload the perpetrator's goods. She is a terrible actress but is so bad, she's good!

A word to the wise...Don't copy & don't down/upload illegal movies!! I never do, so you shouldn't either! (But if you do, I'm not above watching it with you!)

ps. I notice that some amateur mime-artists have gotten into the act. Pretty cool! (I may have found my Halloween costume, as well!)

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The Frog Queen said...

That is too funny. I have not seen the camera head guy. I am going to have to go check it out.

Thanks for sharing this...very fun. And yes, this would make a sweet costume!



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