Salad Anyone?

Delicious and nutritious!  
After a tasty salad, try this crunchy treat バイクドマヨネーズあられ or Arare (roasted mochi pieces usually flavoured with soy sauce, or sweetened with sugar and in this case Baked Mayonnaise.) They taste great, were half-price and the bag's are decorated with our AKB48 gals.
Here is one of their most famous tunes, one that one of the locals was warbling while playing Darts last night. Damn cute, but what an annoying song!

One of my pals has speculated on how ironic it would be if one of the gals went postal and decided to wipe out all the others using a Kalashnikov (if you don't know what that is, click it and you'll get the joke.)


The Frog Queen said...

LOL! Now that would be funny :)


Michael Jones said...

...and they would shortly be replaced by 47 others!


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