It's All Mine!

峰 不二子 or Fujiko Mine, that is. Fujiko is Lupin's love (or lust) interest.  Her name is actually a pun about her being busty, as Mine means "mountain peak". This suggests the word play "mountain peaks of Fuji". Fujiko is an extremely intelligent and crafty person and will use her feminine charms to get what she wants from any man. She is also a proficient disguise artist, an excellent markswoman, and a cunning thief. She also has the femme fatale role mastered, and her feminine charms have earned her many riches. She has been shown overcoming huge opponents effortlessly via martial arts and tactical skills, surprising many who originally assumed she was frail. (Scammed from Wiki.
BTW, you may see some YouTubie Boobies in the below, so use your own discretion.


On occasion, I've indulged in some Mine love, such as these two UFO Caught figures. I see what they mean by busty!

This pillow is but one of several in my cushion collection but is one of the softest.

My most recent acquisition is this スタイリッシュグラス (stylish glass) obtained from one of those "pay 500 yen and you may win a big prize but will probably get something less valuable" contests from Lawsons conbini. When you win, you also get to choose some Counterfeit Money Memo from your character of choice. Who else would I choose?
I like this tune:

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Our homefield advantage. They missed alot, but this is a nice list.


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