Hoagie Carmichael.

Being a huge Bogart fan, the first time I heard Hoagy play "Am I Blue", I was definitely not blue.

Adding Lauren Bacall to the mix was a treat as well. "How Little We Knew" that she would become such a star.

Yet if you look closely at this post's title, it mentions a Hoagie not a Hoagy. That's because I want to talk about the Submarine sandwich also known as a: sub, grinder, hero, Italian sandwich, po' boy, wedge, zep, torpedo, or bocadillo.
Back in the day, the perfect cure for a hangover was a large assorted Sub from Mr. Submarine and a chocolate milk. Then it happened...On one of my frequent trips to Toronto to go Comic shopping on Queen Street, a Subway opened next to the Dragon Lady. A new love affair with the foot-long occurred. Sure, I've had a Hoagie, a Grinder & a Hero and the only thing that comes close for true deliciousness is a Po-Boy, though it's a tad inconvenient to travel to New Orleans every time I want one.

So one of the things I truly missed upon moving to Japan was a 6-12 incher from Subway. There were a few in Tokyo and every time I visited Shibuya, I'd indulge but my trips there have lessened in recent years. A few years back, I even investigated the possibilities of acquiring a franchise but I didn't have a spare several million yen in my back pocket.

Imagine my delight when I learned that not one but TWO franchises have landed in Sendai. One opened in the recently completed Trust City Plaza on August 1st and has been jam-packed since.

I went on its second day at lunchtime and there were 35 people waiting in line ahead of me. What was particularly amazing about the trip was my encounter with my pal Michiko who was shopping next door. En route to the restaurant, I thought to myself, "hmm, Michiko would probably like this place." Then 20 minutes later, she taps on my shoulder! I love it when that happens!! (I'd have taken a photo of her, but the heat was playing havoc with her makeup so I wasn't permitted to do so. Click the label below for a peek at her.)

Here are some of the congratulatory displays of flowers that adorn all openings and I managed to snap 2 pics before they removed them before they are picked clean by all the old ladies.

I also grabbed a handful of menus that I'll use in future lessons!

The turkey sandwich I had was below average, the bread was a little stale with not enough pickles or olives added, but the company was delightful and it's a new Subway! A frick'n Subway!! Woohoo!!!

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