I don't like Mondays (Tell me why!) normally but the one thing that perks me up is seeing the latest example of バルーンアート (Balloon Art) created by one of the NHK teachers. This mornings is priceless! Snoopy on his Sopwith Camel with a mini-Woodstock in his lap, as a gunner perhaps?

Speaking of Snoopy, he graces the latest issue of Hot Pepper, the monthly free classified ad magazine. Halloween is just around the corner...

After work, I bade farewell to former gal-pal Fumika who is off to Australia for a year to study and husband-hunt. I didn't have a Sayonara present but I just happened to pop into KFC for lunch and picked up a リサとガスパールor Gaspard & Lisa case with my スマイルセット (a Smile-Set, their version of a Happi Setto.) She seems to like it.

Though I don't normally like Roger Dahl's editorial Cartoons from the Japan Times cuz they often go over my head, I do like these two since they dwell on a couple of my obsessions.

Finally, let's put up a YouTube of Monkey Majik before the powers that be yank it off the air.


The Frog Queen said...

Snoopy and monkey majik in the same post! Awesome!


Michael Jones said...

They premiered this for the audience when I saw them live in Sendai. Everyone was having paroxyms of joy!
If you like it download it quickly. These have a habit of disappearing.


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