Mecha Mecca!

I took a short bike trip to Shichigahama, about 2 hours one way but with lots of stops along the way. I hit a couple of bookstores en route but the main reason for the trip was to go to Mandai (022-361-0844), I think there's a used clothing shop on the 2nd floor but I've never made it off the ground level. It is wall-to-wall otaku heaven! Thousands of toys&games&figures&manga&anime&etc! I managed to make it out without spending more than 20 bucks but that's only because I had limited space in my bicycle carriage. This is what the exterior of the joint looks like:

After my little spending spree, I continued on to the ocean but apart from a few harbours, I couldn't see the sea so I head back home.

I did espy some interesting mini-caves though and I swear that one of them is Mickey Mouse's skull.

En route back, I visited a little bar but it wasn't between Dusk & Dawn yet, so it was closed. It's too bad, I really could have gone for a Drunkard Drink! The price is a little steep though I promise to go there some night, but I suspect it will suck.

I popped in for some  回転寿司 (kaiten-zushi or conveyor belt sushi) also called くるくる寿司 (kuru kuru sushi or sushi-go-round) and scarfed down a ton of raw fishies.

Let's take a look at some of the loot I picked up at Mandai, shall we?
I got a trio of Apes (well, two apes + Nova), a Godzilla and a Ghidorah figure, Spock's head and a mini-Mothra.

Then I picked up a grab-bag for 3 bucks and grabbed quite a bagful!

I got some Gundam toys, a Woodstock holding a blunderbus, some Onion stickers, a Pon de Lion strap, a Stitch, a random Kubrick, an XM177 Assault Rifle, Vincent as the Fly, a pair of Dinosaurs, some odd balls, and a cool Mommy-Mummy and her family.

I also got a Yog! Y'know, I've never seen Yog, Space Amoeba, I'll have to track it down.
Hmm, whatever shall I get up to tomorrow?

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