EXPOs Yourself.

I had a few spare minutes so I popped into an Art Exhibit at Parco and I'm glad I did. It's featuring the artwork and sculpture of 岡本太郎 (Taro Okamoto)

It happens to be the centennial anniversary of his birth this year and to celebrate, there's a new exhibit at his museum (link above) or at Parco Sendai from now until Aug 23rd.

Best news is that you're free to take photos! So I indulged...

This is probably my favourite piece, an evolutionary tree. I've broken it down into a few parts.

Among other milestones, he was one of the main designers of EXPO '70 in Osaka.

(Scammed from elsewhere:)
As a true avant-garde artist, Taro Okamoto was able to exceed the limits of art and transcend beyond a wide range of disciplines in his work. Through this exhibition, we would like to introduce the people of various backgrounds that interacted and worked with him, and highlight the dynamic and energetic artist’s life through exhibitions, documents, and videos.

He even got his own Google back on his birthday (1911/2/26)

I picked up a few postcards that I'm willing to send out to my loyal fans if you'd be so kind as to give me a heads-up on your blog or Facebook page or merely make a comment below. (As always with my promises, be patient, I'm a lazy bugger.)

Finally, outside the Hall was a Capsule machine offering up mini-pieces of art. I got two Kappa and a Red Hand!

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