You Bet Jurassic!

I wore my Dino-tie today and that inspired me to watch the Jurassic Trilogy tonight.

I just finished #1 and ジュラシック・パーク still holds up after 18 years and multiple viewings. The dinosaurs are awesome, the kids not nearly as annoying as I'd remembered, chain-smoking Samuel Jackson has had enough of these Mother-F***ing dinos in this Mother F***ing park, Newman was weaselly, Goldblum, Dern & Neill made great heroes, Attenborough was jolly, albeit misguided (Okay his final line was grammatically incorrect: "So do I" should have been "Neither do I" in response to a negative statement, but let's not quibble.) All in all, a great movie. Here are a couple of the promo pics that came with the DVD.

My favourite scene:

I'm going to watch Lost World before bed and #3 in the morning. I'll spare no expense in giving you an update later.

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