Taking The Edge Off.

I'd been meaning to write about this all week and between work and after-work activities (Tanabata* for one), I never got around to it. My bestest friend, Ed succombed to liver cancer 20 years ago this week and our mutual friend, BigBob suggested I do a TopTen memories of Edge as a tribute. Great idea, but 2 years ago I ran an
special and that featured some of the highlights of our time together. (That link has all the Edgiest moments if you're interested.) For some reason while drinking last night and listening to live Enka, it reminded me of the time I became an honourary Pole. Ed Kowalski, his brothers and friends were in the back of Chicagos (is it still there?) and singing Polish drinking songs. I felt a little left out so I sang "Popeye, the Sailorman" in Latin.
It goes something like this:
Sum lumen projectum nauta,
Sum lumen projectum nauta,
Fina spinacho et finum pugnabo,
Sum lumen projectum nauta.
Toot Toot
They enjoyed that and after a few more shots of Vodka and beers, I excused myself, went outside, barfed on the curb of Queen Street, re-entered and continued drinking my beer. With that, I was accepted as one of their own.
(Polish Poster for Son of Godzilla scammed from Go-Go-Godzilla.

Everytime I see an ad for a new Comicbook Movie, a funky anime or manga or just a silly toy, I think, "Ed would love this!" or "I wish Ed were here to appreciate this." I do know that he is up there looking down (or down there looking up) and he does appreciate it all.

One thing we often did together was grab a couple of beers, sneak them into the cinema and watch a movie together. He'd probably get a kick out of some of these forthcoming movies and here are few more he'd enjoy.

This one, Rabbit-Horror, 3D
about killer-bunnies or something looks intriguing, as does any movie where the protagonists ride around on a flying panda as in Tekken.

It's Unfair that he had to leave us before he got a chance to see the Comic-related/SF movies such as Planet of the Apes, Captain America, Spiderman,
Tintin, Smurfs, Cowboys vs Aliens, Sanctum
or even Green Lantern, SpyKids 4, 3 Mousketeers or Final Destination 5!

I will be sure to see as many of these as possible and carry on the tradition of quaffing a beer while doing so. It doesn't carry the same weight though for it's legal to do so here!

Pon pon way way way may not have anything to do with the above, but it is incredibly catchy. Ed would approve.

*I decided to save the Tanabata bits for another post...stay tuned...

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