Tekken To The Limit!

My camera is on the fritz yet again which is too bad for I came across some cool stuff that I wanted to photograph today.

For example, I picked up some cool mini-planes that come with canned coffee (once again proving my theory that Japan is trying to get their kids hooked on caffeine at an early age) and gave them to a co-worker's two boys. Thus I had to snap this with my keitai (cell phone.)

Around 11 tonight, I was startled to hear a nearby siren and then another and another. When I ventured out along with dozens of similarly-minded neighbours, we were surprised to see about a dozen fire engines and cop cars congregating along a side street around the corner from my abode. Based on the distinct lack of smoke, the dispersal of the emergency vehicles and the gawkers murmuring, "Baka" (idiots), I concluded that it was a false alarm.

So since I can't upload any other photos, here's a few trailers and clips from the new Tekken-Blood Vengeance movie.

Hey it's got a panda so it must be good!

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