Last night in the wee hours, I finished watching ロストワールド (Lost World) and then this afternoon I watched JP III while doing laundry. Lost World was a wonderful sequel. Lots of action, more weaselly lawyer-types, a goofy Goldblum, a jabbering Julianne, a vibrant Vince Vaughn and a potent Pete Postlethwaite. And the Dinosaurs! Great scenes on the island though it lost a bit of steam when T-Rex came ashore (King Kong alert) but our prehistoric pals were well represented.

Before going any further, check out this version of Lost World that started it all!
(*Bonus points to the first person to figure out this post's title.)

I was somewhat disappointed in Jurassic Park III (much of that had to do with Tea Leoni) but the other actors were well done apart from Neill who satellite-phoned in his performance. Spinosaurus was neat, as were the Pterosaurs but I sure wish my all-time favourite dino, the Ankylosaurus had more to do.

In the booklet that came with the DVD, there is a Comparative Size Chart...Size does matter!

This little guy was UFO-Catcher booty a while back and he dangles on my light chain granting me easy access to clicking on and off my electricity.
A few more Jurassic goodies tomorrow...

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