Evangeline Files.

I know at least one person out there who'll be a happy recipient of these items (hmm, he has a birthday forthcoming.) So I picked up a couple of Evangelion Clear File folders which came with the required 2 packs of munchies.

Lawson Conbini has a whole campaign of goods especially made for the Otaku out there. Here's a sampling on the newspaper they hand out to you. (For an unembeddable link, click here.)

Get your goodies fast, because this is what replaces the above next week!

In unrelated news, a friend of my brother's is an avid Kokeshi Kollector and she specifically asked for a 通信こけし (Yubin-Kokeshi or Post Office Kokeshi). I'm not sure if this is what she had in mind but it is kind of cute. When I got it, I hemmed and hawed a "Meh" until a student pointed out to me that there's a secret compartment within that you can write a message upon! Then attach an address to the doll, put on a 120¥ stamp and you have the proverbial message in a bottle sent by Japan Post.

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The Frog Queen said...

That is a pretty cool way to send a message -fun.



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