Drunkard Drink.

Today was a lovely overcast day, not sweltering hot nor humid, just threatening rain all day and never following through. So I went for a bit of a bike ride.

For those of you have come this way on Facebook, you may already have seen most of these and I added a bit of commentary. So click that if you want some words with your pictures, otherwise just sit back and enjoy my journey with me. (Don't forget, you can always click the pic to embiggen it.)

I rode parallel to the Natori (I think) River and checked out some fragrant flowers, some sludgy stinky swamps and some abandoned artifacts.

I was comparing several of the photos I'd taken with a friend's from March and the difference is immense. It stunk but not unbearably so. There was sludgy crap everywhere but there were also flowers and birds. Speaking of birds, I saw what appeared to be a nesting site for a sledge of cranes (or siege of cranes, depending on what dictionairy you use). It was fascinating and the I'm pretty sure the one I spooked in the photos above was spooked by me again. (I recognized him.)

Moving along, I passed the operational Kirin Brewery, the Ferry Wharf and a Borg Cube.

One of my goals today was to check out Mandai, the Otaku Mecca, and much to my chagrin, it was devasted and thus so was I. I would like to find out who to talk with in order to scam one of those posters, but I fear the site will be demolished shortly.

I saw some escaped triffids and only one out of about five Used Bookstores were still functioning (I found another Oz book!) I did come across a hobby shop that specialized in Car Models and had a huge track for rental. Since my manga-mecca was no more, I felt obligated to buy something and found a nice Godzilla vs Mothra model.

The other icon of Tagajo-city that was left unscathed is the T*tty Twister and one of these days, I want to go check out there 飲み放題 or Nomihoudai all-you-can-drink special so I too can indulge in the Drunkard Drink.


The Frog Queen said...

Did you say Borg cube! That is awesome!

Thanks for sharing the pictures. Love getting to see your end of the world.


Shattered Dreams said...

You're making me homesick. I miss the Japan days!


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