Let's Go Nagai, Let's Go!

The fine folks at Mitsuya All Zero Cider teamed up with PansonWorks again to bring us a sextet of 永井 豪, Gō Nagai characters.

The first two are デビルマン/Devilman, I'm afraid that I'm not well-versed in the mythos so I don't know why there are two different ones. I did like the movie though!

My favourite of the batch has to be キューティーハニー/Cutie Honey of course. I liked this movie too

I am unfamiliar with the witch, えん魔くん Enma-Kun but based on the anime, she looks pretty cool! (Take that, Wendy, the Good Little Witch.)

I suppose this one could be deemed a real Go Getter. ゲッターロボ or Getter-Robo and apparantly it's a Giant-Robot vs Mecha-Dinosaurs thing!

Finally is Mazinger Z, one of the original Giant Robots!

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