Unclear Files.

I finally figured out how to use my camera (somewhat) and check out what its first pictures are. Sunkus Conbini has one of those buy two snacks (salty stuff instead of choco for a change) and you can choose a free clear file. They are all so odd, I couldn't choose just one so I got them all!

These bizarre characters are called こびとづかん or "Kobitozukan" and I'm not entirely sure what the hell they're supposed to be. I believe it translates directly as "Picture Book" and within are some kind of woodland creatures, I suppose. They appear to be fairies or elves or something similar and may have originated as fairy tales from the book of Otogizoushi but have been anthropomorphized into something quite odd.

First up is this udderly creepy cow-creature called Shibori-oochichi that apparently attaches itself to an udder. Note the chubby boy is sucking on one! Ewww!!
I can't find a specific YouTube for the corresponding creature, but here's something similar.

This one apparently flies with pigeons and is the Hotokeakabane.

I'm not sure what the AmeBoushi is, "Plum Hat?"

Finally is the creepiest of all, the Kakure-momojiri, some kind of Peachy-creature.

Oh, you can get this one as an app for your phone (but why would you want to?)

An anime,

And this one just worries me...

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