Harî Pottâ to shi no hihô: Part 2

I had time to make it to the cinema tonight and see either Transformers 3 or Harry Potter 33 1/3 and I opted for HP. I'm not entirely sure how ハリー・ポッターと死の秘宝 (Part 2), to shi no hihô translates from Japanese to English but according to my handy-dandy kanji-converter, it means: 死 shi death/ 秘 hi secret/ 宝 takara treasure. So Deathly Hallows = Death Secret Treasure. Oookay. I'll grant them that.

Upon arrival at the cinema, I had the option of running up the stairs and catching the previews or grabbing a couple of beers. I'm glad I opted for the brewskis. (Hint to beer-smugglers...when you crack open the beer, always cough at the same time as you yank on the pull tab.) Much to my surprise, though I didn't have time to pee before the movie and two tall-boys later, I was enthralled enough by the film to remain in my seat throughout. (Granted, I bolted for the loo once the credits passed the actors' names.)
Here's the cast in case you're interested:
ダニエル・ラドクリフ ルパート・グリント エマ・ワトソン ヘレナ・ボナム=カーター
ロビー・コルトレーン トム・フェルトン レイフ・ファインズ ブレンダン・グリーソン
リチャード・グリフィス ジョン・ハート ジェイソン・アイザックス
ヘレン・マックロリー ミランダ・リチャードソン
アラン・リックマン マギー・スミス ティモシー・スポール イメルダ・スタウントン
デヴィッド・シューリス ジュリー・ウォルターズ ボニー・ライト

Following are my observations about the movie, if you haven't seen it and have any desire to do so, stop reading now SPOILER ALERT! I read the first book, saw the first two movies in the theatre, the third was on Satellite TV and the fourth was background fodder on regular Japanese TV inundated with commercials a couple of weeks ago while I blogged about something else. Needless to say, I am far from an expert and find the movies to be naught else but mindless eye-candy with the barest of plots. The last one I paid any attention to was that one with werewolves and I guessed the outcome of each character based on their names (Sirius--Seriously? Woof! Remus Lupin--can you get any more vulpine?) The only character I paid any attention to was Helena Bonhomie Carter as Bellatrix Lestrange (oooh, big shock that she became a villainess.)

So...I missed a couple of movies and I missed HP & the Death Secret Treasure Deathly Hallows, Part I. But I heard that this movie kicks ass with special effects so I decided to give it a peek.
Grand Scheme: good movie, lots of action; good CGI-fire effects, though the wand effects were less than wanderful; the snake, dragon & trolls were cool; terrific makeup on Grimhook the Goblin and He Whose Name Shall Remain Unuttered*; but the only 3D effect of any merit was when the unutterable blew up into little flaky bits and floated around the screen.
Disappointing bits: Hagrid got to carry Harry! That's it?
Bellatrix had about two lines and then got chimed.
Lots of dead goblins but no gory demise shown. (Don't get me started about that sword+.)
Why'd they have to jump off the dragon? Was it about to crashland? Why not show it's demise?
Hermione & Ron had next to nothing to do throughout the movie except have a snog. Their one task was to execute the snake. Then from out of nowhere arrives the annoying Neville Nebish Nigel who strikes it down with the uber-sword+. Hello: Deus Ex Machina anyone?
Didja notice for the 19 years later scene, there was next to no makeup necessary for the main cast?

*Voldemort has no nose!
How does he smell?
Just awful!

While looking for the trailer to this movie, I came across this and definitely makes my entire evening worthwhile!! Where can I see this cinematic masterpiece?

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