Uki-Uki Swag.

The aforementioned Uki-Uki event occurred this evening and much to my surprise, it went over well. I'll upload a few pics tomorrow, but for now here is some of the goodies that were up for sale at only 500 yen a pop!
There were several different AKB48 cds sporting the bikini-clad gals, a couple of homemade CDs by Cool & the Gang Carl & the Gang, some 2010 World Cup Shirts from Mexico and a set of headphones. By the end of the night, there were only a handful of these items left!

I managed to score two of the cds, a shirt and a set of headphones for a measley 20 bucks! WooHoo!

There was also some Kakigori (shaved ice) for 100 yen and I think a few got sold.

I'll showcase a few photos of the people tomorrow, for now I'm going to bed!

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