Suspending Disbelief.

I was just abruptly awoken from a dream.

The setting would be the early 90s because my mom had just entered the hospital for her hip operation and she communicated to me that the garage had been broken into and some items were taken. The cops interviewed her and shortly thereafter produced some evidence from the robbery which we then claimed. (The speedy results of the police did not surprise me.)

My brother and I were going through a box of letters that were mawkishly handwritten sentimental claptrap but included in each one was a unit of currency featuring Star Trek characters on the bills with a stamp on them. There was a 100$ bill with an Enterprise on it, a 20 with Kirk, a 10 with Uhura, etc. None of this struck me as odd.

Then we saw a blue 5$ bill with a Vulcan on it but the stamp was of Jeffrey Archer's beagle, Porthos and I woke up thinking, "Hey the series, Enterprise wasn't around in the early 90s"! The inconsistency kept me from falling back asleep.

I have gained another follower overnight. Either my Tanabata posts or my Ed tribute earned the attention of P.Coristi who writes the blog, Hello World...Again and though I haven't been able to brouse through it yet, welcome aboard. I hope the above rambling doesn't frighten you off.

ps. I thought of another Ed anecdote. We had just attended a posh Christmas party at a restaurant on the rooftop of a 50-story building (Aquarius maybe?). We were all a bit tipsy and Ed, Morey, ASH (Anne Shirley Horne), Andi and myself were in the elevator going down when ASH jokingly asked, "Hey, what happens if you press the red STOP button?" She pushed it, the elevator stopped between floors and we were trapped there for over an hour. ASH began crying from guilt and claustrophobia so Ed broke out a bottle of wine that he happened to have, I produced a couple of glasses that I'd swiped from the restaurant and Morey produced some illicit smoking material. (I suggested we should conserve oxygen, but nobody listened to me.) That calmed everyone down, the elevator began to descend shortly thereafter and we all went our separate ways, never speaking of that moment again (until now, that is.)

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