Spiderman Around The World.

Now that it appears that Spider-Man has turned out to be a Half-black, half-Hispanic lad, let's take a look at the Spideys from other lands.

First up, is the Arachnid-Avenger fighting against an evil Aussie and his caricatured African side-kick. Since we see him in his Peter Parker guise, we can safely assume this is the original American Spider-Man.

I've mentioned the Japanese スパイダーマン before and I still say he has one of the best theme songs.

Russian Spidey?

I really like the Polish Spideys. (I especially like the music!)
Now I'm not sure but is this actually Spider-woman?

That last one may have had boobies, but this one is definitely a dick.

Now neither them can hold a candle to the Italian Spider-man! WOW, I repeat, WOW!

Lest we forget, there is a Canadian Webslinger and he showed up a few years back at Halloween!

Will he show up again this year? That all depends on whether he can find an original costume in time.

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