I'm Getting Too Old For This Stuff, Part 2.

I couldn't convince anyone from the first party to join me, traditionally they always go to a typical Izakaya 居酒屋 restaurant. Nothing says Halloween better than that. Heaven forbid they should try something different and help out a charitable organization at the same time. A dozen of them ended up at Bar Isn't It but those are doors through which I refuse to enter.

So I ventured over to the Shaft-sponsored Freaky Horror Halloween Party at Rensa! Apart from the cosplayers, there was NOTHING freaky, horrific or Halloweenish about it. The music was exactly as I expected it to be: fifteen (yes, FIFTEEN) DJs playing exactly the same kind of hippity-hoppety music and not a single creepy mix to be found in the mix.

It started off slowly but in the next few hours more and more bodies showed up in costume and I didn't see a single homemade one...a LOT of money was spent by the party-goers and they looked great. Here are some samples, first the ladies...

Not so sure about that last gal. Here are the Carl supporters who are promoting the MISO charity, starting with the uber-adorable Yvonneski.

Now the heroes and other odd characters:

Finally my two favourites of the night. The first one is one that I would have dressed as had I had the skill to pull it off. You can see the inspiration for it here.

The next picture was the ONLY creepy costume I saw all weekend. Apparently it's called 犬神家 inugamike and it is eerie!

Unfortunately the music was just too pathetic for me to stomach any more so I went home before midnight. That's a first for me!

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