Get Stuffed Saturday.

It's officially Halloweek since I began my Halloween lessons today. Today, we talked about Japanese monsters, especially ghosts & oni.

Here is one of the most famous 幽霊 (yuurei) stories "Bancho sara-yashiki (The Story of Okiku)".
Okiku works as a maid at the home of the Samurai Tessan Aoyama. One day while cleaning a collection of ten precious ceramic plates, which is a family treasure, she accidentally breaks one of them. The outraged Aoyama kills her and throws the corpse into an old well. Every night afterwards, Okiku's ghost rises from the well, slowly counts out nine plates and then breaks into heartrending sobs, over and over and over again, tormenting the Samurai. Finally, vengeance is wrought when Aoyama goes insane.

Here are a couple of oni idioms:
鬼に金棒 (Literally means, "Oni with an iron club") To make one invincible.
鬼のいぬまに洗濯 (Literally means, "Do laundry while oni are away") When the cat's away, the mice will play.

Thus since it's now Halloweek, I thought today I'd offer up some goodies for a CONTEST. Here are three more Kitty-Monsters. Regular Kitty, Franken-kitty and Dracu-Kitty.

Interspersed throughout my blog this month are 5 more of these Kitty-Kreatures, all you have to do is identify the date when each were shown over the last 3 weeks**. Do so correctly and I shall send one to you sometime in the next week or so. I'm not insisting that you Follow me but if you aren't already doing so and choose to join or give me a shout-out on your blog, I'll add a few more treats to your kitty-booty.

To make your task easier, here are all eight of them in a bunch. Sorry for some reason blogger isn't letting me upload my picture, I've tried 3 times...one more time.
That got it.

This is the dumbest and awesomest video ever! I luv the B-52s and their YouTube group, the Superions, have outdone themselves with this:

**As a hint to solve my Contest, you can always hit the Kitty-chan label below! Try and rsvp before Friday because all unclaimed Kitties will be given out at our Halloween Party at Ernies!

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