Alienable Rights.

It all starts with an egg.

This may look like an alien's egg about to burst but, in reality, it's a chocolate egg with a Hulk inside. In the past, I've bought a few boxes of these eggs at a conbini that I infrequently frequent (it's a bit tricky to get into and back on the highway so I only go when I have lots of time). Even though the series has been discontinued, somehow the proprietor keeps ordering boxes of these eggs specifically for me. So I end up buying them. This batch was left in my car and melted so I put them in the freezer once I got home. This was the result.

After the egg, comes the face hugger. It's actually the first hug I've had in about a month, so I can't complain.

Then the full grown Alien decides to play kissy-face with you. Once again, I'm showing signs of loneliness so any snog is a good snog.

I had a 3-foot alien when the movie was first released and it lasted for quite awhile. A friend at University broke his double jaw but other than that, he lasted for ages. I have no idea where he ended up though. So a few weeks back, I popped into a 2nd Story Used Goods store and there he was staring me in the face. Love at first sight!

I really like this Alien T-shirt and you can pick up one at that link if you're so inclined.

Continuing in my International Yokai expos√©, this page is on their dwellings. Apparently Yokai and humans used to live in harmony and then the Yokai discovered that humans are rather yummy and they've been enemies since.

This page is all about the dining habits of the Yokai but unfortunately I didn't have time to read it today.

This recounts the "Secrets" of the Yokai. Sorry I can't reveal any of the secrets because they are secret.

I'll be busy tomorrow so I don't know when I'll get to the rest of this book but I'll begin checking out the Yokai of Asia!

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