Catching up on Catching.

I married a couple today and to express their love for one another, they released some balloons into the atmosphere accompanied by a fanfare of trumpets. Hopefully when the balloons land in the ocean not too many sea lions, sharks and dolphins will choke upon them thinking that they're jellyfish.

Afterwards, I wandered over to the You're so Coy Yosakoi Festival to catch some of the dancers in fancy dress. I've seen it several times before and today was really crowded so I didn't pay too much attention to it.

Throughout the day I took pics of passing cosplayers cosdancers and spent way too much time and money on UFO Catcher. Here are some Disney items I snagged.

Much as I'd like to have caught it, this Jack-axe was too difficult to obtain.

Here are some more items that were unobtainable:

And some stuff that was easily obtainable:

Let's show off some more of the cosdancers, shall we.

Skip to the minute mark on each of these unless you like a boring intro.

A guys gotta eat, doesn't he? Fish and meat on a stick and a skewered banana. (Ouch!)

Best catch of the day! I missed the Gloomy Ghost & Goblin but I got the Oni & King Ghiddorah!

7-11 has started their darn Toy Story Halloween campaign and I picked up a few items. Expect several more over the following weeks. A lovely Buzz Hoodie, a Candy jar, a tumbler and a towel with Tinkerbell. Not a bad haul to start with.

I'm off to Morioka for two days to preside over some nuptials so unless I can gain access to a computer or figure out how to blog from my phone, posting will be sparse for a bit. Today's should tide you over...

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