Danse Macabre!

Today's Mizuki picture is the Yokai Dance featuring Frankie & his pals. (Be sure to click the pic to Frankensize it.)

Starting with フランケンシュタイン (Frankenstein) and please don't quibble about using Doctor Vic's name. Although Shelley wrote it in Geneva and much of the action takes place in Switzerland, I never pictured the Monster as being Swiss.
魔女ルサルカ, Majo-Rusaruka is a little eyeless witch from the Soviet. Kind of cute but I don't recommend that she go to the lake with her dance partner. I don't know much about her but here is another witch, Majokko Megu-chan:

Holding her hand is 夜叉マル, Yasha Mara from Northern Europe. Just a horny demon, I guess.

Her partner to the left is 悪霊 Akuryou, an evil Spirit from Greenland.

Holding its hand is this skeletal creep, 歯痛殿下 or Haita-denka which loosely translates as Royal Toothache, I think.

I can't find much on the 樹齢, Jyurei from Sweden but she seems to have some connection with the world tree, Yggdrasill.

The musicians are as follows. There's a little wisp up in the top right hand corner called the Luger from New Guinea. Not sure what instrument it plays, but I'll say back-up vocals. (Oops, it got cut off.)

The warthog-guy in the fez playing the flute is Onna-yasha from China. The Yasha like to chow down on human flesh and can see the future. I scammed the following pic from a tale of Chinese Fairies.

The drummer is a ツァジグララル, Tsajigurararu (?) from America. Not sure what it is but it could be a Native American creature.

The guitarist is ベータラ Betara from India. Looking jazzy.

Finally, the Cyclops in the top left corner is ダスザ Dasuza from Brazil. Not sure what he's doing but I can only imagine that he's the lead singer.

Surprisingly, I got my scanner/printer set up although I can't figure out how to change the language settings and actually use it. Therefore, today's maze is another photo and it asks you to avoid the Goblins. Good luck!

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